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Sialic acid (NANA) Analytical Standard

Sialic acid (NANA) Analytical Standard

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Product description

  • Product name: Sialic acid (NANA) Analytical Standard 

  • Compound name: N-Acetylneuraminic acid dihydrate 

  • Synonym names and other abbreviations: Sialic acid, NANA, Lactaminic acid 

  • IUPAC name: 5-(Acetamido)-3,5-dideoxy-D-glycero-D-galacto-non-2-ulosonic acid (dihydrate), N-Acetyl-D-neuraminic acid (dihydrate) 

  • Product number: S-8M3 

  • CAS number: 50795-27-2 (crystalline N-Acetyl-D-neuraminic acid dihydrate), 131-48-6 (N-Acetyl-D-neuraminic acid) 

  • Molecular formula: C11H19NO9 · 2H2O 

  • Storage conditions: At room temperature (20-25 °C) in the original bottle. After use the bottle should be tightly closed and protected from excessive moisture and light 

High quality Analytical Standards ensured through extensive analysis

dsm-firmenich HMO Analytical Standards have been extensively analyzed, to ensure that you have the complete product identity and documentation needed.

The analysis consists of: Quantitative NMR assay determination using traceable certified reference materials. High performance chromatographic techniques for the detection of related impurities. Water content determination by Karl-Fisher titration. Determination of residual solvent and/or inorganics (as needed).

All results are carefully evaluated to establish the titer of the standard, and the reliability of the analysis is tested via mass balance calculations. All these efforts will enable you to accurately measure the amounts of a specific HMO in your sample.

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